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country has elected a president while the election results in florida remain too close to call. many are asking when it comes to voting why is the sunshine state still in the dark? >>> and bieber breakup. word that justin bieber and selena gomez have split. while they might be sad, a lot of 'tween and teenage girls are likely shrieking with joy, "today," saturday, november 10th, 2012. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm erica hill. general david petraeus was one of the most revered figures in washington. a four-star general known for turning around the war in iraq. >> he was even considered a potential presidential candidate, so his admission that he had an extramarital affair, forcing his resignation as cia director, has set off shockwaves around washington. it was discovered as part of an fbi investigation, and it's got many wondering did he compromise national security, and is there more to this story? we're going to have much more just ahead. >> and that is not the only big story in our nation's capital. president obama and ho
. state of confusion, the rest of the country has elected a president and the ruts in florida remain too close to call. and when it comes to voting, why is the sunshine state still in the dark. and bieber break up, word that justin bieber and selena gomez may have split. they may bed sad, but many teenager girls are likelyikely screaming with joy. >>> on nbc news, this is "today." with lester holt and erica hill. >> welcome to "today" on a saturday. >> general david petraeus, a four star general, is known for turning around the war in iraq. >> his admission that he had an extramarital affair forcing his resignation at cia director set off shock waves across washington. it was part of an fbi investigation and if t has many wondering if he compromised national security. >> that's not the only big story. president obama and house speaker john boehner appear to be drawing lines in the sand on that looming fiscal cliff. big tax hikes and spending cuts that could take effect at the end of the year if they can't find a compromise. >>> also, it sounds crazy, but apparently it's real. you'll meet
hampshire and wisconsin, and then you put iowa, florida, north carolina, virginia, colorado and the tiny state of nevada in mitt romney's column, and that's how you get it. it's not very implausible, and, yes, we know that right now the president seems like a favorite in nevada, and that's what makes this less likely than what most folks think, but between that and don't forget you've got congressional districts in nebraska and maine. the point is if you remember how we started this campaign which was the state of iowa decided by eight votes between rick santorum and mitt romney and then oh, by the way the results flipped two weeks later, i've always worried that that was foreshadowing this nightmare scenario. >> as you talk to us, chuck, i want to note that vice president biden is waiting in line to vote in delaware this morning. we'll keep an eye on that as you and i continue to talk. >> reporter: speaking of vice president biden. under this scenario and people are wondering if you don't get to 270, this would go to the house, so the house would elect the president. the senate would el
and southern florida. it's going to be chilly across the northeast but not looking at any rain at all. in fact around the great lakes upper midwest it's very quiet. a series of storms will be moving into the pacific northwest all the way down into central california. we're talking about rain, wind and mountain snow. you can see the colder air diving in across the rockies here. 41 degrees in minneapolis. that's about it. but warmer air starting to build through the nation's heartland, down across the southern plains. we'll be in the 50s here around new york city. and then by saturday, saturday is still quiet but an area of low pressure will be tracking up the coast off the southeast coast. that will bring large swells, continued swells across the ouncer banks of north carolina where we're already getting some coastal erosion. also impacting rip currents so be aware of that if you're heading out into the water. hopefully not a big time of year for that. rainshowers across northern florida and into central florida. even around orlando. it's still busy in the west. we've got another cold front pus
're waiting for results from just one state this morning, florida. if the president wins there, it would mark a sweep of all but one of the battleground states. >> that's right. governor romney won north carolina. in terms of the popular vote, the president holds a narrow lead, nearly 2 million more than governor romney. president obama will return to the white house facing a divided congress once again. republicans maintaining their majority in the house. the democrats actually strengthening their hold on the senate, including elizabeth warren's defeat of incumbent massachusetts senator scott brown. one of the most watched races of the election. one of the most expensive as well. we'll talk to senator-elect warren a little bit later. >> as we've been doing all week, here's the headlines. "usa today" headline, "obama triumphs, midwest the key and political divide remains and in "the columbus dispatch." ohio wins with ohio. the "boston globe" reads "economy kept obama afloat. blocked romney win, and here's a forward thinking headline in "the wisconsin state journal." observers say paul ryan no
was hurt. >>> redefining the term fashionably late, florida has finally weighed in on the presidential election. good for florida. the state finished casting its votes on saturday four days after the rest of the country did. president obama got 50% of the vote to mitt romney's 49.13%, a margin of 74,000 votes. the win not only adds to the electoral college, he gets the pressure off florida's back. >>> the bbc's director general has resigned under pressure less than two months after he took the job. he will step down saturday night after a news program wrongly implicated a british politician in a child sex abuse scandal. this followed a bbc decision not to air similar allegations against one of its own stars who police now say was one of britain's worst pedophiles. >>> great britain has been largely silent today. the nation is observing remembrance day, a day set aside to honor the men and women killed during the two world wars and other conflicts. members of the royal family attend add service in london. >>> only in new york can you see a ginormous hello kitty balloon floating down the
in iowa, wisconsin and ohio while the governor will be in florida, ohio, new hampshire and virginia. >> while both men have a number of different ways to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win, we call that the path to victory, but who has the clearer path this morning? we're going to break it down with nbc's chuck todd. >> and as residents of the northeast move forward with their cleanup from hurricane sandy, we're going to ask the question how will that storm impact voter turnout in parts of the country tomorrow? >> and, of course, sandy still fresh in our minds and our hearts. people still trying to recover an dig out. there's a new storm targeting the region in the coming days. we want to get right to al roker who is on hard-hit stinld with more on that. good morning, al. >> good morning, savannah. house after house, instead of cars in the garage or the driveway, they have boats, and they are planning to get some of these boats out of here starting today, but that may be hampered by an oncoming nor'easter which normally we wouldn't be that worried about, but because of the
vote, president obama is ahead 303 votes to 206 and we are awaiting results from one state now, florida. if the president were to win the there, that would mark a sweep of all but one of the battleground states. >> that is right, because north carolina went into the romney column. in terms of the popular vote, the president holds the lead with nearly 2.7 million more votes than governor romney. president obama will go to the white house today and facing a divided congress with the republicans maintaining the majority in the house, and while the democrats strengthened their hold in the house. there were some hot button issues, while colorado approved medicinal marijuana and maine and maryland became the first state to approve same-sex marriage by public vote. >>> well, for the second time i2 mismo sexo, se hizo en voto northeast na is going to be bearing down on the east coast. >>> and kristin welker had a late night covering the obama campaign, and she is joining us from chicago. good morning to you. >> good morning to you, savannah. president obama is waking up as a two-term president.
at these county returns, very closely, and i'm obsessed here a little bit watching orange county. florida is going to be razor tight all night. >> i would love geeking out with chuck todd. chuck, thanks. >> paul ryan's home state has fallen to the democrats. >> midwestern firewall is holding for president obama. >> that wisconsin call is such a big deal because it is now just ohio away for the president. >> we've been following florida. want to go back to the drama. >> 2,000 beep remembers going off for all the lawyers already in florida because everybody knew this would be a tight race. >> do they still use beepers down there, do they? >> speaking to obama campaign officials who say that they like what they are seeing right now. >> in the words of one source close to the romney campaign so far this night is stinging. >> it wasn't a very romantic campaign. >> hang on, chuck. hang on, chuck. >> here we go. >> we've got some critical calls. >> yes, we do. >> let's see now, roll them. ohio, president obama. >> brian, there's no what ifs anymore. that's done. >> gone from excited to election. take a m
, then to ohio, to pennsylvania, and virginia, and then he sleeps tomorrow night in florida. that's just the next 36 hours. the real priority right now for the romney campaign is trying to drive upturnout for their candidate last night. governor romney was greeted by his largest campaign rally. there were about 30,000 people in ohio, including a lineup of top republican leaders. this is what the campaign referred to as the closing argument over the course of yesterday, effectively indicting president obama's record. he said the president promised change but didn't deliver it. he said he is promising change but has the record to achieve it and he referred to his campaign as a movement. >> it's the depth of our shared conviction, our readiness for new possibilities, the sense that our work is soon to begin. it's made me strive more to be worthy of your support. >> reporter: so now governor romney is going to move across the country. he does have a challenge ahead of him here. while most of the races are tight, one of the critical races is the battleground state of florida. as you see now, governor
florida, virginia, colorado, iowa, it's very close. the toughest state here to make this se ncenario work would be nevada. it's a state a that a lot of republicans and democrats slightly leans in the democratic category. but it's not an implausible scenario. if nobody got 270 then the house of representatives would decide who the president was, but the u.s. senate would vote on who the vice president was. that means the most likely outcome under this scenario is a romney/biden scenario. >> another scenario if ohio is too close to call. >> here's the problem with ohio. they have a new law that says provisional ballots, and these are ballots that are questioned there, maybe somebody didn't bring an i.d., maybe a signature is off, they will let you vote, but you get put in a separate stack. they wouldn't even start counting them until november 17th. today is still november 6th. so in 11 days, let's say the margin is less than 50,000, there's likely to be over 200,000 provisional ballots cast in ohio. they wouldn't start counting those until 11 days. . they wouldn't start counting until then.
:30 eastern time. coming up this morning, more on jill kelley and her life as a florida socialite. >>> now let's get a check of the other top stories this morning from natalie over at the news desk. hey, natalie. >> good morning, willie and savannah. good morning, everyone. yet more trouble for the military this morning as a four-star u.s. general has been demoted for inappropriate behavior on the job. job william kip ward, former head of the u.s. africa command, has been stripped of a star for allegedly spending tens of thousands of dollars on lavish travel and unauthorized expenses. ward will have to repay the government $82,000. >>> another major recall this morning from toyota as the auto giant pulls some 2.7 million cars worldwide. the recall involves faulty steering and a water pump problem on some prius models but no reported accidents have been linked to these issues. just last month toyota had to recall some 7.4 million cars due to a fire risk in the power windows. >>> let's head to wall street struggling over the last few years. cnbc's courtney reagan over at the stock exchange. >> r
kelley, a florida socialite and married mother of three complained about ma racing e-mails. the fbi said it traced those e-mails to this woman, paula broadwell, a married west point graduate and biographer of david petraeus. >> keep with us. that led to the eventual discovery of a romantic relationship between broadwell and general petraeus, and now general john allen is involved over his correspondence with the original woman, jill kelley. all sounds a little confusing, it is. let's get right to nbc's andrea mitchell who can help us sort it out. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: i'll try to do that. yet another military general drawn into an fbi investigation that prompted the resignation of cia director david petraeus. marine general john allen replaced david petraeus as commander in afghanistan last year, but allen has now been caught up in the fbi probe that led to petraeus' resignation as cia director. overnight the pentagon announced allen's nomination to be commander of nato has been delayed and the nomination of his successor in afghanistan speeded up. after military offi
, jill? >> pattinson fans and a few makeovers. >> susan is 50 years old from orlando, florida. she relies on her 23-year-old daughter who dresses her, so she jumped at the chance for a brand new look. let's take a look at her story. >> well, i feel like everyone needs a makeover after the past week, but you're in town for a family wedding, so what are we going for here? >> well, i always like to look great for my husband, and we have a family wedding on friday night, and i haven't seen them in years. my siblings and relatives and everything, so i want to look awesome. hot. >> i like that she wants to wow you after 30 years. what do you think about that? >> i love being wowed every day, so i'm a lucky man. >> how cute is that? tom, you're going to keep your blind fold on, if you won't mind, until you get the green light to take it off. >> he's a good-looking man. >> sure is. >> here is susan before. all right. susan, let's see the new you. >> wow. whoa. cool. all right. tom, you ready? >> i'm ready. >> look at your bride. >> wow. good job. >> ready to see yourself? wait. wait. wait. here c
. >> congratulations, holly. we are sending you to jacksonville, florida. you'll enjoy a three-night stay. also includes breakfast, 60-minute spa treatments, and round-trip airfare for two. hotel a airfare were provided by visit jacksonville. >> jacksonville is a wonderful city. miami, tampa get more oppressed, but jacksonville is a wonderful town. >> gorgeous. >> have fun and thank you for your support. >>> nothing better to warm you up on a cold night than comfort food. >> i can think of something. >> there he is, curtis stone is here. from life on the prairie melissa francis spills juicy details. >> this is a great, great book. >>> plus, bobbie thomas is around with things that make you go hmmm. >>> back on this funday monday. when she was nine years old, she landed a role on one of the most popular and beloved shows of all time, "little house on the prairie." >> today she's the host of her own business show on fox and author of "diary of a stage mother's daughter." >> first of all, congratulations. something good has come out of the makeup room all those hours. that's where you were writing
park, florida. >> okay. >> this is her daughter right when they handed her to santa. the boys went into autopilot. >> that's adorable. >> a great shot. >> look at them all with the same shirt. wow. >> amazing mother that can get that many children looking that adorable at the same time. >> okay. jennifer from morris town, new jersey submitted that photo. >> they saw that at a local park and mom is like i don't know what to do with this. >> what the what? >> the rule or do you let them go? >> i don't know. >> next up, a photo from dawn bud from cape may courthouse, new jersey. >> how cute is that? >> the dog every time passes this fountain gets up to play with the other dog. that's a statue. >> oh. oh. >> that's statue. >> i didn't get that. >> the dog tries to play with it all the time. >> i thought he was getting a drink. >> me, too. >> he pushes his paw at him and tries to get him to play. >> that is unbelievable. never gets it. >> just going to be over and over again. sherry thurman from wildwood, missouri, sent us this photo. >> sit means sit. >> dog training, sorry, we don't t
pressure developing tomorrow morning. it comes across florida. may cause some problems for b t voting there. tuesday morning on the carolina coast and tuesday morning off the new jersey coast with wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. tides about 4 feet above normal, 10 to 20-foot waves, and we're talking significant beach erosion. it's a slow mover, so it won't get out of here until sometime on friday. the big problem also with this, unlike we had with sandy, there's going to be significant rainfall along the coast. we're talking anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain. locally could be as much as 5 inches, and then inland as cold air is drawn into this, we're talking about heavy snow. too early to give you snowfall amounts, but we are talking about very heavy snow in the catskills, the white and green money tabs on down into the poconos. we'll continue to track this for you over the next 24 hours. >> good morning.ing on a it will be another chilly day. the weather should stay quiet. a mixture of sun and clouds. temperatures about 10 degrees below average >> and that's your latest weather.
the florida sun. the new carnival cruise ship breeze docked in miami with a 14-story tall inflatable turkey. celebrating the ship's inaugural voyage today. >>> and this is one way to get everything you need for your thanksgiving feast today. build yourself a huge grocery cart. one grocer built a motorized cart 12 feet long and 9 feet tall complete with a steering wheel and motor. it took them two years to build this. and he did it as a way to draw attention to his business. and as natalie knows, we won't be needing a grocery cart because we're going to the restaurant for thanksgiving. >> and it'd be perfect for my costco ones. overflowing. thanks so much, andrea. now let's head down to the parade route and al for a check of your weather. hey, al. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we have got a perfect morning for the parade. it's about 43 degrees. the ocean spray float there. over here, hello kitty is getting ready to take flight in a brand new balloon, as well. it's a perfect day. and for a lot of folks, it is going to be a record-breaking thanksgiving day, warmth, we're talking temperature
david petraeus is tampa socialite jill kelley. kelley's connections reach outside florida social circles all the way up to the white house. >> reporter: jill kelley and her twin sister lunched twice at the white house, and with their families toured the white house on november 4th, two days before general james clapper, the director of national intelligence, was even told about the petraeus scandal. kelley mentioned the visit in an e-mail to tampa's mayor bob buckhorn, a friend, saying ps, i was at the white house with my friends in the administration this weekend. it was surreal. white house officials say the kelley sisters were invited to meet a mid level counsel. kelley was bipartisan in her outreach. she and her sister dropped in on a small fundraiser from marco rubio two years ago. the organizer tells nbc news the kelley sisters did not pay, just arrived, posed for the picture and soon left. in another message to tampa's mayor last march, kelley wrote she was trying to stop a local shock jock known as bubba the love sponge from carrying out his threat to deep fat fry the koran, e-ma
wednesday full-time on the trail in florida trying to balance campaigning and showing sensitivity for the storm victims. >> keep folks in your thoughts and prayers. it's a big part of what america is. when there are challenges, we come together and help one another and that help is needed now. >> reporter: and while romney didn't shy away from criticizing the president's record, he did not mention mr. obama by name. >> we should not continue on the same path, but it's time to take a new path, bold aggressive change. >> reporter: meanwhile, paul ryan and his wife jana spent halloween in their hometown in wisconsin taking their kids trick-or-treating. a maris poll shows a tightening in key states, the president still holds leads in three of them. in iowa, president obama maintains a six-point lead over mitt romney, down from eight two weeks ago. in wisconsin, romney has cut the president's lead in half, he now trails by three points. and in new hampshire, it's basically a dead heat. the president at 49%, romney with 47%. the granite state will be mitt romney's final stop before elec
of florida, we could see some showers from orlando all the way up towards jacksonville. chicago, even eastern parts of wisconsin seeing rain. this is the beginning of our nor'easter across the southeast. temperatures in the south will be in the 50s and 60s. the northeast in the 40s heading out to some of the polls. most of the central plains will have quiet weather for the voters. it's wednesday that we see our nor'easter taking shape and we get the bad weather in the northeast and still fine tuning our forecast. how much snow will we see? will this be a little further out from the coast? if so, that would be good news. but expecting gusty winds, power outages with heavy wet, snow. high pressure over the center of the country. pacific northwest, one round of storms after the other. 30s for the lows. thursday's forecast, still dealing with it. high pressure over the center of the country. there is that busy west forecast with more rain coming in and even into san francisco at this time and heavy mountain snow. friday, beautiful weather for the east coast. high pressure dominates. not till satu
florida and she has a question about the holidays. >> with the holidays coming, what's your favorite tradition here? >> go ahead. >> it's funny. because my brother just adopted a little baby from ethiopia, ella, she's coming with my brother, his wife, and my mom to my house for thanksgiving and we go to the parade. i'm so excited for ella to see that. that's kind of a new tradition. >> the one time of the year i cook. and i do all the traditional stuff my mom taught me how to cook. there's no changing. you don't mess with perfection. >> thank you, have a great holiday. >>> do you know how to present yourself to get what you want? we'll tell you how to walk into a room with something called executive presence. >>> what's worse, your refrigerator handle or toilet seat? >> what do you mean? >> we're going to tell you all about germs, the kind you need to worry about. >>> the truth about healthy foods, nuts to wine. we'll give you the bottom line. >>> from australia's gold coast to our coast, the adorable cody simpson after your local news. 2@ >>> back on this try-day friday with more of
with parts of florida seeing highs near 80 degrees, slight chance for showers throughout much of the day. and then on thursday a similar story, still some showers throughout parts of the southeast. we're going to see a system developing offshore there eventually. high pressure building in for the northeast. so the weather's going to be looking pretty good for the northeast. but it's going to be feeling pretty cool. 40s, that's it for the daytime highs. remember early in the week how warm it was and then just how quickly that can change. cooler temperatures once again with a cold front dropping down from the north on your thursday, now moving onto friday. chance for showers as the system moves into the west here throughout parts of central, northern california and southern oregon. still cool in the northeast. high temperatures only in the 40s. and then for the weekend, a lot of people heading to their holiday destinations. we're going to see a chance for showers, mainly mountain snowshowers in the west. it's the southeast on saturday. still a chance for showers. mid-atlantic now getting i
. you just have to look out on saturday for some wet roads in florida, also throughout parts of georgia and south and north carolina. also you're going to see that wet weather throughout parts of the west. the i-5 corridor from sacramento all the way up to seattle going to be dealing with some rain. and then on sunday northwest starting to move into the mid-atlantic with a few showers. and temperatures back into the 50s from most areas to the north. mid 50s in kansas city. louisville right at 58. we'll see 70s in orlando. still cool in the northeast. still wet in the northwest on monday. middle part of the country here a chance for some showers and we're going to see that low building off of the east coast bringing you some waves to the east coast. but most of the rain and the wind should stay offshore. tuesday forecast showing that low still staying out there. remember weekdays on the weather channel starting at 5:30 in the morning eastern time you can wake up with al. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can
. another huge travel day here on wednesday. showers from north carolina to florida, pacific northwest still staying wet, still mild in the middle. and we're looking at a chance for some showers in texas on thanksgiving. otherwise most of the country is going to be dry. the northeast, the southeast, the midwest, the upper midwest, the southwest, it's just parts of texas and the northwest on thanksgiving that will have a chance for a few shower. so turkey bowls are going to be dry in most places across the country. and we're looking at that chance for showers hanging around once again. you can see here throughout parts of texas. it's going to stay mild. remember weekdays on the weather channel you can wake up with al. [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus presents the cold truth. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your s
we have of her since she lost the weight. she lost 60 pounds at this event in florida, she looks fantastic rocking some denim jeans. actually her own clothing company doing an event, she turned up for the signing. everybody was talking about the weight loss. >> does she still have weight to go? >> she's at the weight she wants to be. said she wants to do more, but what she really wants is macaroni and cheese, which she gave up and loves. >> celebrate with a big bowl. >> a lot of twilight fans were upset with kristen stewart and everyone wondered if it would affect ticket sales. >> everyone was worried about the movie doing well. they were all wrong. it's a blockbuster. it did $140 million here in america, $200 million internationally. that's a record for this series internationally. they think the series could go up to $3 billion in total. it's at $2.5 at the moment, but it could actually cross $3 billion. >> oh, my gosh. >> there was a sighting of you at a broadway show called "scandalous." what did you think? >> next to bobbie thomas. i wish i had better moisturizer on. she's v
week. we got susan from florida, and she's got a question about the boyfriend's family. >> what happens if you don't like your boyfriend's family? >> that's probably a good thing, because you don't have to date them, now do you? no, i'm joking. >> kind of when you start dating someone, you do date their family. what i've always found which seemed to be either my blessing or curse, the families always love me, it's the girl. >> you know, i had wonderful exchange with my uncle right around the time i was getting married. he was like, you know, it's nice if your family likes who you're with and vice versa, but when it boils down to it, if you're in a serious relationship, you spend most of your time with that person. your family, you love them, but probably see them thanksgiving, christmas, a cookout in the summer time. you see the other person 362 days of the year. >> unless in today's economy you're all living together. how about you, have you ever dated someone and not got along with the family? >> i'm the same way, families like me. but that's right, don't have to spend a lot of time w
with our friend denise hasn't, 49 years old from clewiston, florida. she has her husband pick out her clothes because he has better taste than she does. so she was thrilled to get the chance to get a brand-new style. let's listen to her story. >> denise told me outside she is very conservative, of course, we picked you. get a little sexy, right? >> this will be incredible because i would never do this on my own. absolutely never. >> so roger, who is at home, you say he hasn't seen you different in how long? >> well, we have been married, be 20 years in january and i have always had longer hair, i seldom wear makeup, i'm just -- that's just not who i normally am. i'm afraid to try something new this is going to give me something really out there i'm excited. >> denise has brought a posse with her. among her friends, sarah, ashley, brandy and a whole big group. >> that's called a tribe. >> everybody, put your blindfolds on, cover up your eyes, keep them on. i will tell you when to take them off. here is denise before. all right, denise, let's see the new you. oh, wow. all righty, are yo
for showers around the lakes and parts of east texas and louisiana and the extreme southern portion of florida. saturday, still the west here going to stay unsettled and the great lakes with a chance of showers. northeast, highs in the low to mid 40s. mild if not warm in the south. houston to dallas, upper 70s. unsettled in the pacific northwest. on sunday, still more of the same for the west. still a chance for rain. this goes down to the central and southern parts of california, a chance of few showers. more rain for the northeast. weekdays on the weather channel, you can wake up with al and stephanie. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress. in celebration of over 75 years of our government employees insurance company, or geico...as most of you know members it.congress. ...i propose savings for everyone! i'm talking hundreds here... and furthermore.. newscaster:breaking news. the gecko is demanding free pudding. and political parties that are actual parties!? with cake! and presents! ah, that was good. too bad nobody could hear me. geico. fifteen minutes coul
. >> it will be in some theaters. >> it opens theatrically on the 7th in new york and the tri-state area and florida. on the 14th, all around. >> we wish you all the best. we always do. we love when you come on. >> you're a terrific guy. christy is off in uganda doing good work. >> merry christmas. >> we are staying in the christmas spirit. our webtastic videos will light up your day. >> really? that kind of light up? >> yeah, right after this. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support a great cause? i'm sold. pink lemonade 5-hour energy? yeah and a portion of every sale goes to the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. i'm sold. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy. get the alert, energized feeling you need and support breast cancer research and access to care. ♪ [ female announcer ] with its rich, silky smooth taste there's magic in every piece of dove® dark chocolate. ♪ i have a cold... i took dayquil, but i still have a runny nose. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayqu
-octane embrace of president obama. florida senator marco rubio on a fast track with those who say he's a republican solution to their problem with hispanics. >> if i do a good job in the senate, if i'm a serious policy maker, i'll have a lot of opportunities to do different things. in politics, outside of politics. >> reporter: and there are some party leaders who still long for former florida governor jeb bush. and you can argue it's too early to even be thinking about 2016. but ask yourself, when did barack obama first start dreaming about becoming president? matt? >> we're really going to get into this, aren't we? >> how about jeb bush versus hillary clinton? >> oh, gosh, we're just getting over it. >> we can't help ourselves. thanks, good to see you. now we want to get a check of the weather and that nasty storm that's hit the northeast in the wake of sandy. al, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. yes, we've got about 7 inches of snow here, some areas as much as a foot. the good news is, it's getting out of here. and it's cold too. i mean, it has been awfully chilly. look at
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